How to: Botanical flower drawing

Posted by Kathryn Silvera on

    1. Start by creating stems with a med. tipped marker.  I took a black 0.6 tip coptic marker and made delicate forked lines, these would also look great in groups of three!
    2. Make petals by taking a thinner 0.3 maker and drawing a slightly swooping line on the left side, then across the top imagine the shape of a sail in the wind and draw a line swooping down and across, do the same on the right and connect with small "sails" petals in the middle.
    3. Draw an upside-down cup under each flower and fill with vertical or horizontal lines using a 0.3 pen.
    4. With a large 2.0 pen make leaves and striations running through each.  I left a couple blank, do whatever makes you happy!
    5. With the same large pen add some grass pieces and fill them in.
    6. Along the stems of each flower make smiley faces with the 0.8 pen, this will add some dimension and a little more interest to your flowers.
    7. With the 0.5 pen add some thin lines to your leaves and around the grass.
    8. Congratulate yourself! You are amazing.

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