Gift Idea DIY: Botanical watercolor with gold leaf

Posted by Kathryn Silvera on


 Things you need/want/might like to have: 

  1. Good quality watercolor paper, you can use copy paper or something similar, but your paints will be sad.  
  2. Paintbrush, you can always cruise with one, but if you have more, a large square brush is great for wetting the paper and a small round brush is amazing for details.
  3. Watercolors, choose a few colors you love in the same color family, like 6 shades of orange for everything, or complimentary colors, the possiblitites here are endless and exciting.
  4. coptic markers or something similar (optional, you can skip this step completely) 
  5. Leaffing adhesive (can be found at Michaels or Amazon) 
  6. Gold leaf, or similar ( I used left over grounds from silver/copper and gold leaf)
  7. Your Imagination!

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