How to: Make your own botanical summer wreath!

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Before we get to the good stuff, I want to share the brushes I used for the wreath.  

If you don’t have all of these, don’t freak out, you can always get by with a single brush (or your fingers!)  Brush options just make life a little bit sweeter, and painting a little more fluid.  

1. Let’s start! Grab two shades of green and brush b. (med. angled) and load your brush with both colors, with the light color at the tip.  Press your brush large side on the paper at an angle and sweep up to the tip, repeat on the other side.  Viola, leaf! 

Repeat this pattern until you’re happy with your leaf arrangement.

Take the darker green shade (you can add just a tiny bit of black to your primary shade) and brush b. and press straight down to the paper, and there you have it - a smaller dark leaf with a tip.  

I'd add these in between your lighter leaves.

2.  Flower time - You'll want three shades of coral and a red-violet. Using brush c. (med/sm square) load a medium coral shade and wiggle your brush just slightly while making a upside-down cup shape with a hollow center.  Take brush e. and a light coral shade and make rounded lines  throughout the flower. With brush c. load a dark shade of coral and press at the base of the flower to make the receptacle (flower base) fancy!  With brush e. take your accent color and feather pieces out of the opening.  Take brush f. (small liner) and add a corndog shape dot at the ends. 

Add as many flowers as you want, they're flowers!  These are intended to hang upside-down, but they look rad right side up too.  

3 With brush a. Take a light green and med. green loaded 1/2 & 1/2 on the brush and wiggle as you make a sideways cup shape with a tip on both the right and left side, so that they meet in the middle. 

Fill your open white spaces and consider loosely your wreath shape at this point.

4. WIth light brown and brush e, make a line up the center and down slightly for a stem.  

5. If you’d like, take either a fine-tip paint pen or a liner brush and line some of your leaves.   I’ve done this in white with a paint pen.

6.  With red-orange paint and brush c. Load the paint and press directly on to the paper while curving slightly and flatten the brush so the shape of the brush shows.  Repeat this process right next to the first, but this time curving in the opposite direction.  Boom flower.  

Sprinkle these around wherever makes your heart happy.

7. Follow the same technique in step 2. for this purple flower just on a smaller scale.

8. With a med. magenta shade and brush b. load your paint and hold your brush with the tip facing you and press down and sweep up.  With a darker magenta hue (add a tiny bit of black, or a little grass-green). use brush d. to create a thick line up the center of each. With a lighter magenta and brush g. make dots up the center of the line you created. Take black paint, brush e. and create stems and leaves by swooping down, or up from each flower.  

You can add one or two, or go crazy and add a bunch!

9. If you’d like to include berries take a crimson hue loaded on brush f. and make an imperfect circle.  Be sure to leave a little sunlight window.

10.  Sit back, relax, and tell yourself your awesome! Congrats on your amazing new botanical summertime wreath!!


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