How to: Paint a bright, beautiful, botanical summer wreath!

Posted by Kathryn Silvera on

  1. With a large brush make the base of your wreath, with loose upside down V-like strokes for the leaves.
  2. Add a little color using a smaller brush, precision isn't important! If you're using an angled brush just press it right down to the paper and out pops a leaf shape.
  3. With a liner brush bring in some brighter elements by swooping the color up from the center and out.
  4. Repeat Step 1. with a different color, varying where you put the leaves. 
  5. With a round tip brush, or an old paintbrush dab paint to form loose formations, these with look flower-like, make sure to leave white space in a few spots.
  6. With a square brush loaded with white paint, press on its side, repeat right next to your first mark-boom flower!
  7. With a small brush of your choice press green leaves into a vine pattern around portions of your wreath until you're happy with the arrangement.  You're done!

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