How to: Simple leaf drawing with berries in 5 easy steps

Posted by Kathryn Silvera on

  1. First take a thin tipped marker, I started with a 0.5 coptic marker (I got a great set of these at my local art supply, but I know amazon has them!) and make a curvy line with little short, loose offshoots.
  2. Add leaves to your offshoots with the same marker by making a line that looks like a small hill on its side ending with a tip, repeat on the other side so that the leaf meets together.   
  3. Make a line down the center of each leaf.  Add diagonal lines to each side of the center line, boom, tiny leaves.
  4. With a large tipped marker, I used a 2.0 coptic, make berries by creating distorted circle shapes in clusters.  Be sure to leave little semi-circles windows so you can tell what they are!
  5. For a little added flair take your small tipped marker and add some curly off-shoots to your twigs/branches.
     Congratulate yourself on a branch well done!! 

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