Kathryn’s earliest years were spent in Sacramento, California, homeschooled and discovering how much trouble she could get into painting with mud and morning glories.  By the time she was seven her family moved north to the beautiful, quiet mountain town of Paradise, California.  There she discovered how much trouble she could get into making things with sap, pine needles (so many pine needles!), and tree branches.  She also enrolled in public school, opening up a world of possibilities to the little girl.  

But, it would not be for years that the artist would pick up a paint brush.  Not until college where she studied Art History.  The mandatory studio classes, were at times extremely frustrating and some of the most beautiful moments in the artist’s life at the time, offering an outlet for emotion and leading to happiness

A self-described “nerd,” Kathryn graduated Summa Cum Laude from Chico State with a degree in Art History and a renewed passion for the visual arts. 

As she works now from her home studio in Humboldt county, California on projects centered around travels and local landscapes, she is able to look out her window to deer, grazing pastures, rolling fog, towering trees and feel connected to nature, an element nearly always present in her art.  It’s also a convenient location from which to walk her very large parti poodle to a beautiful near-by state park, located only a few blocks away.  

If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to reach out and talk art, then please send Kathryn a message she loves reading them.  

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