About Me

    Hi, I'm Kathryn and I'm a cheese obsessed book nerd who loves art.

    When I’m not researching for a project I can probably be found in Bidwell Park.  We're blessed here in Chico, California to have an enormous City park, and I walk there from my house every day.  It's glorious.  Otherwise, I'm either reading, making food(yay!- because then I get to eat it), on the road with my husband or traveling, which is both exhilarating for me, and an exciting form of inspiration for my art. 

    I hope my art brings you as much happiness as it does me, because I LOVE making it.  I wish I could see all your faces when you walk past your favorite piece because that smile, that joy, is infectious, uplifting and inspiring all at once,

    If you have any questions, feedback, or just want to reach out and talk art, then please send me a message I love reading them.

    - Kathryn ♥

    P.S. Feel free to art-out with me on Instagram