Portraits of Thanks

I want to say thank you in a tangible way for showing up, for going into an essential job that changed overnight, and for making it possible for the rest of us.  

I’ll be here, at home painting landscapes and these portraits too.  I need a few things from you for the portrait:

  • A picture for reference of the person (either you, your friend, spouse etc.) 
  • If the picture is of you doing your job, great! If not,  some kind of ID badge, or other job identifier, so I know you do what you do.   
  • You can send a picture by email, through this site, or DM me on instagram, I’ll send a digital copy of the artwork by whichever method you chose.
  •  When you’re able, and its safe to make this happen, I’ll need a self addressed 9 1/2 in x 12 1/2 in hard cardboard envelope (like the flat rate ones from USPS).  I’ll mail these together when I can, though I don’t know when that will be at this time.   If I don’t receive one, I won’t be able to mail your portrait.


I’ll aim do as many portraits I receive through the end of April and update this page with information I may have forgot as I think of things.