Bring a wall hook home fit for wonderland with “applecraft” by Kathryn Silvera, an original sculptural hook

  • $45.00



  • 4 1/4 x 10 3/8 inch resin original sculpture/hook with real gold leaf, semi-precious gems and stones, on a wood base.  Custom molds are created to form the shapes for the resin, including the very small shapes.  The most brilliant, clear resin available is poured layer by layer into the molds with custom blended pigments for brilliant colors.  Hooks are soldered and adhered with resin, the base is molded and sculpted with paste and color is added with resin.  Title, and artist signature in gold, on the back.
  • Abstract sculptures like this one, have a unique ability to allow us to explore our imaginations, giving us the opportunity to see something unique each time we view it, a truly beautiful experience.  
  • Color: Colors represented on computer monitors/mobile devices may not match actual paper and ink colors (also good to note, we all see color differently) but the color is pretty close.

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