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Kathryn Silvera Art

  • $365.00

Multi-layered resin abstract made with real gold and silver leaf, precious gems and stones. For more details please email me.


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  • Fine art, multi-layered 8x24 resin painting on a stretched canvas.
  • First the canvas is primed and painted with a background color, and/or painting to give a mood, or the painting, its heart. A dam is created for the resin, resulting in a larger, more beautiful “canvas” in which the viewer can take in the layers/painting from the side as well as the front. Finally, the highest quality resin is poured layer by layer on to the canvas.  A 24 hour period is required between each layer for the resin to cure, there are up to 25 layers in each resin painting.  Each layer is a work of art.  Each is a work of love.
  • Color: Colors represented on computer monitors/mobile devices may not match actual paper and ink colors (also good to note, we all see color differently) but the color is pretty close!


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